Status update from Q3 2018 onwards for the summer 2018

Shortly to sum up the recent developments, below is a list of what has happened and what is going on with the hearing aid application.

  • The UNI-HAID team participated in IFHOH & EFHOH (hard of hearing federations) conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia to study and learn of the big picture of hard of hearing people in Europe and in the world. Participation was very important and the team was warmly welcomed by the organizers of IFHOH and EFHOH. Overall, much learning was achieved with motivation to continue the task of improving the quality of life of hard of hearing people with a hearing aid application.
  • The UNI-HAID team participated in Arctic15 event in Helsinki. The team thanks all that visited our booth on day 1 and special thanks to those who had the time and interest to have meetings with us. Afterwork of the meets will continue as we head back to the office.
  • One member of the team visited the ”Upgrading life festival” in Biomedicum Helsinki. Afterwork of this event will as well continue from the upcoming week.

Hearing aid application status report:

  • The prototype for pre-testing has been installed in Google Play as a beta-test version and pretesting will start shortly.
  • The team is preparing focus group workshops during the summer for execution.
  • In case you are interested in testing the prototype and up have a diagnosed hearing loss, you may contact us at: ”LUT.UNIHAID(at-sign)LUT.FI”
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