Latest updates – timeline

Find latest updates of the project on this page. The Blog section will cover interesting topics more in depth.

End of 2016:

The project kickstarted with planning, coding and gathering the ”dream” team.

January-March 2017:

Most of the team started working. This included learning of the work, research, planning and coding. Support group was successfully collected.

March-June 2017:

First meetings with different groups. Coding presented challenges and decision was made to create the application firstly for Android.

June-August 2017:

Coding, research and finally some holidays! Finnish weather proved to be bad as usual: summer weather was cancelled. Testing practices were created for different test groups during later 2017.

August-December 2017:

More work, creation of the prototype has had serious problems in production. For this, we happened to be lucky with recruitment of a signal processing specialist that will start January 2018.

The team participated in many events such as University startup world cup by Venture cup and received the award for the best healthtech team. Slush 2017 was an important step to learn and network.

January-May 2018:

Finally the team managed to finalize the testing version of a prototype to be installed in Google Play for pre-testing. Arctic15 and Upgraded life festival -events were another ”bumps” on the road with sound results. It’s not over yet folks, the end-game is starting. The project may end September 30, lots to do and finish before that. Let’s see what we can do.

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