Status update from Q3 2018 onwards for the summer 2018

Shortly to sum up the recent developments, below is a list of what has happened and what is going on with the hearing aid application.

  • The UNI-HAID team participated in IFHOH & EFHOH (hard of hearing federations) conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia to study and learn of the big picture of hard of hearing people in Europe and in the world. Participation was very important and the team was warmly welcomed by the organizers of IFHOH and EFHOH. Overall, much learning was achieved with motivation to continue the task of improving the quality of life of hard of hearing people with a hearing aid application.
  • The UNI-HAID team participated in Arctic15 event in Helsinki. The team thanks all that visited our booth on day 1 and special thanks to those who had the time and interest to have meetings with us. Afterwork of the meets will continue as we head back to the office.
  • One member of the team visited the ”Upgrading life festival” in Biomedicum Helsinki. Afterwork of this event will as well continue from the upcoming week.

Hearing aid application status report:

  • The prototype for pre-testing has been installed in Google Play as a beta-test version and pretesting will start shortly.
  • The team is preparing focus group workshops during the summer for execution.
  • In case you are interested in testing the prototype and up have a diagnosed hearing loss, you may contact us at: ”LUT.UNIHAID(at-sign)LUT.FI”
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Status update and a look to the future from Q1/2018

The production of the prototype has advanced to a stage when the initial prototype of the hearing aid application will soon be ready for the pre-testing phase start. Current estimate is in a few weeks before the end of March.

Pre-testing will be available for those who are interested and fulfill the following criteria:

  • Sensory-neural hearing loss with the better hearing ear needs to be below 60dBHL (decibels)
  • Smartphone or device needs to be using Android-operating -system and may not be more than four years old
  • At least decent headphones are needed
  • Google-account is needed to download the prototype from Google Play

In case you are interested in testing the prototype, you may contact us at: ”LUT.UNIHAID(at-sign)LUT.FI”


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A week on the road – Copenhagen

Last week, two members of the team visited the beautiful Copenhagen. The team participated in the University Startup World Cup 2017 (USWC) by Venture Cup. The team competed in the category of HealthTech in a pitching competition. In addition, there were lots of places to visit and people to meet. All in all, the week on the road was a good experience and helped the team in what we are doing.

In short, the week was packed with action:


Intro, lectures and visiting Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) where many local university startups shared their experiences etc.


Visiting and pitching at Novo Nordisk Foundation


USWC expo at High Tech Summit at DTU as a partner of Nordtek. Pitching and expo action.


Semifinals of the USWC. Here the pressure was on, only the category winner would advance to finals.


Award show at Börsen, an old stock exchange building. The team did not win the category, therefore it was time for a little R&R along with an afterparty.

All in all, the team had a good time and managed to achieve most of the goals. Many thanks to the organizers (Venture Cup) for a professional high quality service.

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A new designer joined the team!

Last month the team was facing a new challenge. Our designer was fully booked with work and there was a need for more outstanding innovativeness when it comes to designing a cool application that people would love. At LUT we are encouraged to be the trailblazer and think outside the box.

Extraordinary times need extraordinary measures as they say and a new designer was quickly signed (see picture below). The ”job” interview was quick and the team was impressed of the energy of the individual. Although the new designer did not speak much, the first glance was all it needed. Below is a list of a top designer and reasons for casting our new designer.

Top tips to be an extraordinary designer:

  1. Impatience is a virtue, especially when it comes to lunch and snacks. Get a sweet tooth for everything. You will have an excuse to run to the coffee room more and meet new people. For our new designer, colleagues certainly are good company and a good source for snacks.
  2. Get an artist name, only a first name will do. Our new designer is called Tiitu. No surnames needed, period.
  3. At your first day at work, run around the office and run pretty much everywhere. Tiitu was very interested in all new people, all new rooms were carefully inspected. Every time you hear a door opening in the corridor, just run in!
  4. In Finland people may be quiet and do not speak much. Barking and making small gestures and sounds suffices for communicating.
  5. Falling of your chair every now and then is okay. When taking the picture below, Tiitu was so active in designing that she fell off. Just in case of injuries, wear a helmet.

Hence, without further introduction meet our new designer Tiitu.

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